Often referred to as a "dedicated IP" - running a server on the default game port often allows people to have better vanity domains to join from. However, we will not refer to it as a "dedicated IP" in this guide because that means something else in WISP.

In WISP's WHMCS module, there is a checkbox for assigning a dedicated IP. However, this doesn't do what most people expect it to. Instead, this checkbox will make sure no other allocations on the IP are in use before deploying a server on it. Thus, effectively making sure no other servers are using any other ports on the IP.


This does not mean the server will be deployed on the default game port, and it doesn't mean that new servers won't be deployed on the other allocations for that address. It only checks if any other servers are using any allocations for a given IP at the time of deployment.

Common use-cases

There are three common use cases that hosts will use for allocating ports. Let's step through all these options and talk about how to do them a little later.

  1. All servers get their own IP using the default port
  2. All servers run on a shared IP with a random port
  3. Users can pay extra to run on the default game port

Deploying all servers on the default port

If you'd like to deploy all servers on the default port, you have two ways of approaching it. First, if the IPs are only used for a specific type of game server (eg. Minecraft), you can achieve this by only adding allocations for 25565 on each address on your game panel. This would only allow game servers to deploy on the default game port. This would be a true "dedicated IP" solution, as each user gets their own IP without sharing it at all.

However, it is possible to run multiple types of servers on the same IP. For example, you could run a CSGO server and a Minecraft server on the same IP because CSGO uses port 27015, while Minecraft uses port 25565 for game traffic.

To achieve this, you would want to add the respective allocations for each IP in your game panel, and use the "port range" filter on the WHMCS module to restrict a certain product to certain ports. For example, you would limit Minecraft to 25565 and CSGO to 27015.

Example of CSGO product being limited to 27015 allocations

Example of CSGO product being limited to 27015 allocations

Deploying all servers on a random port

If you're deploying all servers on a random port, you don't need to configure anything special on the WHMCS module. Instead, add all the allocations you want to use to the node in the game panel, and they will be deployed at random.

Allowing users to pay extra for the default port

Charging extra for the default port requires us to do some more advanced configuration on WHMCS. You will still need to make sure you have added all the allocations you want servers deployed on in your game panel, and we'll use a configurable option group to restrict orders to a respective port (range).

In this example, we will be using Minecraft, which has the default port of 25565. By default servers will be deployed on any allocation between 25600-25700 - but when someone selects the dedicated IP option, we will restrict their port to 25565.

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