If you need to restore or transfer a node that was running WISP, first check our guide on designing a robust backup plan. After that, reinstall the daemon using the same license key. This will cause the daemon to re-download the required configs from the panel.

Once the daemon has been installed and started for the first time, you must stop the daemon with wisp stop. Now you need to restore the game server files to /home/wisp from your backup.

You also need to restore the /var/lib/wisp/daemon/config/servers folder from your backup

<aside> 📢 If your Node machine IP has changed, you must contact support at [email protected] to update the IP for your daemon FQDN.


If your MySQL server is separate from the node, at this point you will be finished. If you were running it on the same node, you’ll need to restore the MySQL server with the databases & users. This is made easier with a robust backup plan.

If you have a MySQL dump of all the required databases then you can import the databases into your new MySQL server and it should mostly work as expected out of the box. You may need to allow external connections on the MySQL server if you haven’t already. Obviously, you might also need to re-go through the process of Installing phpMyAdmin.