The Support OP feature allows support agents to gain administrative access to a server. This access is controlled and can only be activated when a user gives explicit permission, ensuring enhanced security and trust.

Users with Support OP permission can view the Administrative view, and in there the Node About and Settings tab for Servers that they have Support OP access, but they can’t modify anything. They can also view Panel Settings tab, but they can’t modify Panel Settings.

Administrators have inherent access to all servers and possess the power to grant Support OP bypass access even if the server owner hasn't provided explicit permission.

Granting Support OP status

To grant Support OP status to an user, visit the Admin Panel → Management → Users and select the User you wish to grant the status to.

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Click on the image to enlarge it

Allowing Support OP to access server

Server owner and any subusers with necessary permissions can Toggle Support OP access by navigating to their server, and in the left sidebar, choosing Configuration → Advanced.


Users with Support OP permissions can only access servers whenever Toggle Support OP Access permission is enabled, unless they have Support OP Bypass permission.