<aside> ⚠️ This guide doesn't apply if you're using a domain we provide for you. Right now, the only domain we provide is *.panel.gg

Updating your existing domain to a different one requires you to follow these steps and contact [email protected] to update your instance domain



You can use Cloudflare with the orange cloud-enabled if desired. Though keep in mind that your zone’s rules will affect the panel traffic and may cause issues, so this should be avoided unless you have a specific need to be able to do this.

<aside> ⚠️ WARNING!

Some providers, such as NameCheap automatically include your apex domain, in which case for the Host part you must only enter panel instead of [panel.host.com](<http://panel.host.com>), or else it will point to [panel.host.com.host.com](<http://panel.host.com.host.com>) - verify this if you are experiencing DNS issues.


Creating the CNAME record

If you're using a sub-domain (eg. anything.wisp.gg, something.google.com), you can create a CNAME record for your domain pointing to panel.wisp.gg

In this example the panel URL is panel.host.com

In this example the panel URL is panel.host.com

<aside> ☝🏽 If you're using an apex domain, you will need to use www as the host instead! You will also need to add the additional record below.


Apex domains domains

When you're using an apex domain (eg. wisp.gg, google.com), you need two records. Do not follow this step if you’re not using an apex domain.

Add an A record for your domain root pointing at


<aside> ⚠️ Only create an A record if you’re using a apex domain (eg. wisp.gg, bing.com)


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