Some terms might be new or confusing for you. For that reason, we have a terminology reference table to ease the transition into using WISP.

Allocation - IP and Port combination assigned to a server, such as

Server - A server for a game. Eg. Minecraft or Garry's Mod

Node - A physical or virtual machine (VPS) that would be hosting all your servers

Instance/Game Panel - The game panel website that you control the servers from

Admin Panel - Administrative view for managing the Panel, such as Servers, Users, Eggs, and Nodes.

Daemon - The application that runs the game servers on your node

License - You will need a license for every node you install the daemon on

Container - Game servers are run inside docker containers

Database host - Database attached to the game panel allowing users to create new databases for their servers

Nests - Used for grouping and categorizing eggs such as Minecraft, Voice Servers, Source Engine, and many different eggs.

Egg - Template for configuration to create a server. Such as an install script, startup parameters, Docker image, and more.

Apex Domain - A root-level domain like or with no sub domain.

Sub Domain - A domain prefix like, as opposed to an apex domain.

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