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Getting Started with WISP

WISP Minimum Requirements

WISP Game Panel Quick Start

WISP License Management

WISP Game Panel Installation Guide

Troubleshooting WISP

Advanced Configuration

Migrating to WISP

Adding Backup Spaces to WISP

Linking Databases & PHPMyAdmin

Game Panel FastDL Setup

Shared Directories


Customizing your Game Panel

Changing the WISP Branding


Injecting CSS & JS

Mod Manager

Translating WISP


Subdomain Manager

Advanced Guides

Daemon Configuration

Modding your WISP Panel

Uninstalling WISP Daemon

Robust backups

Restoring/transferring a node

API Documentation

WHMCS Guides

WHMCS WISP Module Setup Guide

Game Panel/WHMCS SSO

Port Allocation (Dedicated IPs)

WISP Micro-Guides

Panel Uptime Monitoring

Enabling Swap

(WIP) OVH Firewall

WISP Terminology

Admin Panel

Adding Allocations

Pointing your domain at WISP (DNS)

Advanced Update Script

Understanding the YAML Format

Proxy Setup for Minecraft

Panel Features

Advanced File Search


Audit Logs


Modpack Manager

Jar Manager

Plugin Manager

Health Monitor

Steam Workshop Downloader

Git Tools


MySQL Database Manager

Support OP